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Soft light of flickering candles, traditional flavors from Bali, excellent service - Balinese service, from which you will be delighted: the warmth and the beauty of execution - all this will make an unforgettable trip to the island of Bali and discover the ancient rituals of the sacraments of beauty and health.

Our masters were born, raised, educated, and his remarkable career on this beautiful island. They brought with them a piece of  bright and friendly atmosphere of the island of Gods and gladly give this mood you will be presented with their traditional skills in the field of SPA care and massage, known and recognized throughout the world.

We are pleased to invite you to a world of comfort and relaxation, where excellent conditions for recovery of physical and mental strength and you can get a charge of vivacity and energy to prolong youth and beauty.


From the daily routine sometimes we all want to be alone with ourselves at least a couple of hours. Bali Spa gives you this chance. Entering the atmosphere of our spa center, you will plunge into the silence, peace and flavor of Bali which brought our professional therapists from a distant island. During the procedure you will be accompanied by pleasant music which will be combined with the chosen services, and flickering candles and essential oils may not be for a long time, but will allow you to forget about the problems.

Spa Cafe

In our little café you will find SPA-menu that includes low-calorie desserts, snacks and salads, fresh, delicious varieties of tea and the aroma of coffee Nespresso.
We wish you a pleasant rest after the treatments and enjoy relaxed and cozy atmosphere.